Maintenance and Cleaning Terms and Conditions

*Please note that pricing is a guideline and subject to confirmation from GP team. If your location is not included in the below list it could be subject to an additional charge. Please contact us for the full quotation on +971 4 369 7876.

Areas within standard pricing
(Arabian Ranches, Dubai Sports City,  Jumeirah Golf Estates, Motor City, Springs and Meadows, Victory Heights)
Other areas may be subject to an additional fee

Scope of work –

1.0 Swimming Pool Cleaning

1.1 Brush the walls of the swimming pool. The swimming pool brush should be connected to the telescopic pole & the entire pool surface be brushed accordingly. This will remove any clinging debris & any lime scale on the pool walls.

1.2 Vacuum the pool floor. The vacuum hose pipe should be connected to the vacuum head & the vacuum head to the telescopic pole handle. The vacuum head should then be lowered into the swimming pool, then the hose should be connected to the vacuum suction point. Suction will be felt as vacuuming the entire swimming pool proceeds to remove the fine debris & sand from the floor of the pool.

1.3 Empty the traps and skimmer baskets. The skimmer lid will be removed, then take out the skimmer basket which traps floating debris in the skimmer basket. Keeping the skimmer baskets clean & empty helps the water circulate through the system & assists the filter pumps to run without adding extra pressure.

1.4 Clean the Pump Strainers. Removing visible debris that has reached the pump strainers to ensure the pump runs efficiently, maintaining correct pressure levels.

1.5 Clean any Pool ladders, handles, bars or rails as required.

1.6 Swimming Pool Water Level. We request the client to assist in maintaining the required water levels where the pool is built with skimmers, not an overflow system. With skimmers the water height in the pool should be approximately halfway up the skimmer inlets in the pool wall. If the water level drops below the skimmer inlets the system will draw in air, make noise & vacuuming is not possible without water levels being as required by the system design. If the water level is too low it will not be possible to complete the full clean, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure the water level is kept at a sufficient level. The pool cleaner can assist upon request by topping up water whilst cleaning the pool. It is not permitted by management for them to leave the villa at any stage whilst the hose is refilling. They will switch off the hose before leaving the villa.

2.0 Swimming Pool Sanitation

2.1 The swimming pool water requires regular doses of chlorine, delivered manually, automatically
or via a salt chlorinator. All of which kills bacteria, algae & micro-organisms. If the installed pools plant equipment includes an automatic “Chlorinator” & “pH” Feeders which balances the chemicals to the pools, this will be monitored at each visit & kept at required correct levels. If no such system is installed, we will perform a manual water analysis for Chlorine & pH levels & report the levels in the pool cleaning log for the client also to observe. A copy of the log sheet will be left at the main entrance of the villa for the client to note that cleaning has been performed & for clients to check when the swimming pool is ready to use.

3.0 Operating Equipment Check

3.1 Regular checks will be carried out of the pressure of the filters and backwashing of dirty water to waste as required. Pressure will be observed on the filters pressure gage and the backwashing of wastewater will be checked. This is to ensure no excessive pressure builds in the sand filters. The filter pump will be switched off, the filter handle depressed and set to backwashing position. The filter pumps will be turned on for several minutes and then switched off. Handle will then be set to rinse and the filter pumps turned on for several minutes, before returning it to filter mode and setting the pump back to manual.

3.2 Operating and Leaks check: Check the operating equipment for any leaks, unusual sound and ensure functioning properly.
Routine Adjustments: Carry out any ‘on the spot’ adjustments, such as valve tightening as routine preventative maintenance.

3.3 Any major breakdown/repairs to equipment will be carried out and invoiced unless the equipment is under a Grosvenor Pools Supply Warranty period, as stipulated in the Swimming Pool Installation Contract. Costs for repairs, parts and labour are not included in the Monthly Cleaning Service Fee. If under our warranty, repairs will be carried out at no charge.

4.0 Timings

4.1 Swimming Pool Cleaning Sessions will be a minimum of twice weekly, extra cleaning sessions can be arranged upon request for an additional charge. Cleaning sessions can be customized to clients’ needs when available. The work will be performed twice weekly, excluding off days, and at any other times subject to special arrangements, when agreed. * Please note that it may be necessary to change the pool service hours from those agreed, due to circumstances beyond our control. It may be required to clean at different dates and times to usual. Where possible any change in timings will be advised and agreed in advance. It is not possible for our teams to access communities during public holidays; therefore, no cleaning or maintenance will be scheduled for these days and the schedule will be adapted as required.

5.0 Fees

5.1 We are available for extra visits outside of agreed standard visits at a charge of AED 250.00 per visit. We can arrange emergency call outs outside of normal hours at a charge of AED 350.00 per visit. Also available for call out on Off days for AED 550 per visit. Wherever possible we will accommodate client requests for additional cleanings (e.g. after heavy rain, sandstorms etc.) Subject to extenuating circumstances & agreement.

5.2 Service Fee is payable monthly, 3 month, 6 months or 12 months in advance as requested.
Grosvenor Pools will charge 5% VAT at the applicable rates on all goods and services provided by the company.

6.0 Termination – Either party may cancel this agreement with one calendar month written notice. Or cancellation via the online portal.

NB : The Grosvenor Pools LLC Pool Service represents best-practice, given in good faith. Grosvenor Pools LLC is not responsible in any way for the use of the pool or any accidents that may arise.

WATER LEVELS IN THE SWIMMING POOL – Whilst cleaning the pool, our technicians will assist in topping up the water level if requested or where necessary. The resident should make arrangements to keep the water level topped up to the required level. Our Pool Cleaners are instructed not to leave a hose pipe with water running after the cleaning service is finished.

Upon exception charges – If any special chemicals or services are required outside of the usual cleaning, we will discuss a course of action with the client & inform of any extra costs that may be required.
If we maintain pools installed by other companies & equipment damage is highlighted, we cannot be held responsible for further deterioration or damage of those equipment if not replaced by us.


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